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  • Before beginning this form please view the Session Dates page and choose your preferred session(s).
  • Please be sure to select times that your child is most awake and alert.
  • It is recommended that lessons not occur too close to nap times or meal times.
  • Please remember to account for travel and transition time from other activities.
  • The schedule fluctuates daily so please submit this form as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of securing your desired time slot.
  • Submitting your form does not guarantee lesson days or times.
  • When you are finished completing this form, please click the “Submit Schedule Request Form” button at the bottom of this page.
  • After your form has been submitted, Jennifer will contact you.

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    Dates for sessions #1 - #6 can be found on the Session Dates page on the website

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    3 Week Session: 20 minute lessons three times a week (for 3 consecutive weeks)
    Package Price of $405 (9 lessons total) Sessions are pro-rated when a holiday occurs
    Each week, lessons will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    My Child is available for lessons at these times: (Please select all that apply)

    Early Afternoon
    12:00 PM12:20 PM12:40 PM1:00 PM1:20 PM1:40 PM2:00 PM2:20 PM2:40 PM

    Late Afternoon
    3:00 PM3:20 PM3:40 PM4:00 PM4:20 PM4:40 PM5:00 PM5:20 PM5:40 PM6:00 PM6:20 PM6:40 PM7:00 PM

    Keep in mind that lessons occurring between 3:00-5:00PM are the most popular.
    The more flexibility you have in your schedule the greater chance you will have of securing your desired time slots.
    Please use the space provided below for additional comments or questions:

    Policies (read carefully)

    I understand that: (please read and initial this section below)

    ...there are no makeups or refunds for missed private lessons for any reason (NO exceptions).

    ...payment in FULL (for all lessons scheduled) is due upon registration.

    ...openings on the swim schedule are subject to availability and fluctuate daily.

    ...after my Schedule Request Form has been received, I will be provided with current available lesson dates and times as well as information about how to register, pay, and secure my desired lesson times.

    I hereby agree and accept all Policies outlined above.


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