Swim Prep (20 mos- 2.5 years)

3 Week Session: 20 minute lessons/ 3x per week (3 consecutive weeks)

Package Price: $405.00 (9 lessons total)

Lessons offered: each week lessons will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday*

*to view when sessions start please click here Session Dates

The Swim Prep Program is for students ages 20 months – 2 ½ years old. In this program, the focus of lessons will be on safety, fun, and water acclimation. Students will advance at their own pace and what is appropriate for their age and developmental stage. In addition, this program allows for one parent/guardian to enter the water during their child’s lesson (when appropriate).

The goal of this program is to create:

  • a solid foundation of fundamental skills
  • appreciation for water safety
  • age appropriate learning
  • water acclimation
  • FUN!